Old 99 Farm is located at 1580 Old Hwy 99, 6km west of downtown Dundas off Governors Rd. Take Governors Rd to Binkley, turn left and immediate right onto Old 99. I, Ian Graham, am the proprietor, permaculture designer and farmer-in-progress here and with loads of help and companionship from Camelia Stoica, we are making a beautiful thing blossom right here. Contact via phone 905 627 1917 or this website.

In 2013, I opened the farm to international farm helpers, by listing on www.helpx.net. So far we have hosted twelve people, from France, Japan, Germany, UK, Spain, Holland, and Canada. We’ll do it again in 2014, a wonderful way to meet people, show what permaculture can do, and maybe ‘radicalize’ a few young people to ‘be the change they want to see in the world’.

This is a small farm, a permaculture demonstration site and market garden. 2008 was my first season, with about 20 vegetables in the ground. Now it’s winter 2015, the greenhouses crops of greens are being planted, and root cellar crops will tide us over. I have heritage Canadian Lineback cattle, Dorset sheep, Muscovy ducks, Embden Geese, Tamworth pigs and several heritage breeds of chickens: Light Sussex, Welsumer, Barred Rock, and Marans. I started a beeyard in 2011 that is now producing honey from about 10 hives. (That crowd is why I say “we”!)

Farmer Ian on permaculture, two 5 minute interviews done in 2009 and 2010.