Fresh pork, beef and lamb now in the freezer.

All my meat is raised here on pasture: pork, turkey, beef, lamb, chicken, duck and goose. Turkey and Goose still on special half price. Garlic too at $1/bulb.

As of June 21st , we can offer the following crops: new harvest kale, chard, cabbage, mixed greens, arugula, lovage, parsley, cilantro, sweet cicely, chives. Our tomatoes went in the ground this week, plants are in bloom.

Reminder: I sharpen your chef’s knives with proper equipment so you can really enjoy them. I mill hard red wheat on demand by the kilo, unsifted, wheat germ and all.

I have turkey, pork, goose, duck, lamb and chicken in the freezer. A new offering this fall is honey garlic mutton sausage made with local honey. I have roasting chickens in half and quarters, and stewing hens for delicious broth and enough meat on each for a casserole.

Supply is ok now, as of June 1st is $6.75/Jumbo, $6.00/XL doz, $5.00 for large. I sell mixed size dozens that weigh at least 588 gm (medium), 672 grams, the ‘large’ size dozen, and Extra Large, 770gm plus carton. Please bring in recycled cartons.

Thank you to all bringing in recycled egg cartons; you can start saving for me again.

1. Produce units available are same as price unit. eg 500 gram, each, etc.
2. Quantity available is almost always estimated, so if you see a negative number, go ahead and order it, I can fill in most cases.
3. If you order and don’t pick up, I trust you will pay.

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Eggs, chicken, Extra Large
Grower: Old 99 Farm
Price: $6.00 ( doz )
Available (Estimated): 8

My new flock of layers is getting a rest; through change in feed routine they have gone off lay for ... more
Eggs, chicken, Jumbo
Grower: Old 99 Farm
Price: $6.75 ( doz )
Available (Exact): 4

These are the same eggs as ex large, only 10% larger based on the dozen weight. Average weight per dozen ... more