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Milk Legal Battle finale next week

First read this:

Supporters of farmgate food sources,
The time has come to put our time, our money or our mouth where our passion lies. I know we are passionate about having raw milk for our families, however unless each one of us steps up and commits to taking some action to support our farmers, they may be forced to give up the fight due to the toll this whole process takes on their health. Remember they will be able to continue drinking their raw milk if the injunction is enforced by the court, however we will not.

In fact, under the conditions of the injunction, anyone even talking about the consumption of the raw milk or trying to solicit it from a farmer can be held criminally liable. My point is this is our cause!

Please make a commitment to one of the suggestions below clicking on the link and signing your name. Stand up and be counted! We the people have the power however we must take an action!

1. PLEASE make arrangements now to take that day (or just the morning) off to attend the hearing at the Newmarket Courthouse at 50 Eagle St W, Newmarket, ON L3Y 6B1.
It is absolutely critical that as many people as possible be there.
We are going to have a peaceful rally in front of the court house. Please bring signs.
Sign up here:

2. Go to and pledge a one-time amount to the cause or a smaller monthly amount for 6-12 months.
3. Have friends over and discuss why you are passionate about the freedom to choose raw milk.
4. Make a phone call to your MPP and let him/her know why this is important to you. Be clear that harassing our farmers is not where you want your hard earned tax dollars to go. Ask for direction in how to go about having this archaic law abolished and encourage dialog with the producers of raw milk.
5. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper asking why this story is not being covered by them.
6. Call your radio station and ask to speak to the news room and share your frustration that they are complacent about the government handling of this whole issue. My goodness, when animals are rescued from abusive factories it hits all the airwaves and yet nothing about this important subject?
7. Write to TVO and fill them in on this ridiculous case.

Please if you have any other idea, share it. Together we can find the solution!
Keep blowing whistles. They have to hear us and they have to finally listen.