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This page contains news, event information, and other items added by myself, the intrepid farmer-in-process at Old 99. I send out a message every week, but most are set with a delete date about two weeks later. I archive some of the posts if they have content other than weekly availability of produce and meat.

You can send me questions too, which if they are of a general nature, I can post to this Old99 blog.

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Old99 Farm, week of Oct 9 2017

Cooler weather now upon us, with rain, about 35 ml last week, more of the same coming this week.
The roasting chicks are now a month old, very lively, haven’t lost one yet due to piling on (when they get cold and do the mosh pit thing). Will be going to the butcher in less than two months. Have you ordered yours yet? $5/bird deposit please.

Lots of greens, tomatoes, roots. My organic Liberty apples are in the cold cellar, will keep nicely tillXmas.

Do you subscribe the Hamilton newsletter, CATCH? recent good summary of risks of flooding in the city. See this link for copy with further links to the local scene.

There are several climate events happening in Hamilton this month. Former Toronto mayor David Miller speaks at the McMaster Innovation Park at 7pm on October 18. Miller has just become the North American director of C40 Cities, a network of the world’s megacities committed to dealing with climate change.

The following week, local environmental leader Grant Linney is speaking on the climate change he saw during his visits this year to both Antarctica and the Canadian arctic. That’s sponsored by the local chapter of the Council of Canadians and the Hamilton 350 Committee and taking place Tuesday, October 24 at 639 Main Street East starting at 7pm.

Then on November 3 the controversial Dr Guy McPherson will give a lecture on the current science of abrupt climate change at Flamborough Presbyterian Church (Highway 8 and Middletown Road) at 7pm.
This event is my baby, with help from friends. Do you suspect you are not getting the whole story about climate risks, that is to say, probability x impact$$? This is the place to find out. (watch your reaction: slipping into ’don’t wanna know’ mode?

We’re also doing a workshop for a small number of people on saturday and sunday: Abrupt Climate Change: How will you show up? It’s akin to getting ready for many major change in one’s life. Call me for a pamphlet on this. 905 537 0163.

Yes, Cami’s doing quiches this week. would you like one? order asap.

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