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Old 99 Farm, week of Mar 4 2018

This turned out to be a major breakthrough week in the campaign for climate change response. Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Sequel led off on the weekend in Dundas, Tues was McMaster Climate Change Research centre’s public lecture, Wed was the kickoff of the Bay Area Climate Summit hosted by Burlington, Hamilton and Mohawk College. Thursday is an all day conference at the RBG in Burlington on Bay Area Climate Action. And in Edmonton is hosting the IPCC Climate and Cities conference for three days with 750 climate scientists from around the world. The world is waking up to the urgency of action; you’re going to hear a whole lot more.

That and the federal government budget was made public, with dismal impact.

“This Budget has nothing for climate – nothing at all. It’s as if we’re not in a climate emergency.”
- Elizabeth May, MP

Overall this budget fails to deliver in the best interests of Canadians on the country’s most pressing problems: Growing Inequality, Green Economy and most importantly: Climate Change.

The Liberals campaigned on a promise to phase out fossil fuel subsidies, but over two years into their mandate, they are still giving the industry hundreds of millions a year in taxpayer-funded handouts. Budget 2018 should have signalled the beginning of the end for these harmful subsidies.

We don’t have enough growth on our greens to start harvesting but I’m hopeful for next week.

I have a Lineback steer in the freezer, 380 lbs of grass-fed beef. We’re offering pre-selected for $200 or 10% discount for 20lb orders, mixed according to your choice.

Roasting chickens are in the freezer, whole, halves and quarters.

We have lots of eggs.

Healthy eating to you all,
Ian and Cami