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Old 99 Farm week of Oct 12, 2018

This is Thursday evening, I’m reminding you we are open tomorrow from 4 to 6 for vegetables, eggs, meat. Still have tomatoes on the vine, kale, spinach, parsley, and root veg in storage.
I have active compost for sale now, biologically active and amended with trace minerals, by the bushel or bulk.

Ground beef on special, 20% off.
Have home made sweet apple cider from last weekend $8/gal.
We rendered lard as well, so there is still some available. Same price as unrendered.

Lots of climate news this week. There is an impromptu Climate Rally at Gore Park, east end on Saturday 1:30. Followed by important movie “Anthropocene: The Human Impact” showing nearby at 3pm at AGH Linc Alexander theatre. May still be tickets for that.

My friends Ken and Claire Dam are doing a home butchering event on Oct 27th and inviting anyone interested. Here’s what they say:

Hi all
We will be harvesting our two Tamworth pigs on October 27, 2018.
They have been raised outside, fed on an organic soy-free local feed.

We are certainly not experts on the process – so you will learning with us as we try our best to develop the skill of slaughtering a pig with proficiency, patience, and gratitude.
It would certainly be easier to just send them to the local abbatoir. But we value the experience of reviving old skills and reviving our deep connection with our food. Come learn with us.

Where: 2330 Concession 2 Rd W, Lynden, ON
When: Saturday, Oct 27. 8:00 am – finish
What: We will start with the kill. Followed by the scalding, and the somewhat labour intensive process of dehairing. Then we’ll eviscerate, split, and hang. Hopefully we’ll sample some of the offal – which is always best consumed fresh.

You don’t need to bring anything, other than perhaps some food or snacks for yourself. Dress appropriately.
If you want to see an example/model of the process we will be trying to follow, check out the “anatomy of thrift” videos by Farmstead Meatsmith here:

Please confirm if you intend to come, so we can manage numbers.

Healthy eating
Ian and Cami