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This page contains news, event information, and other items added by myself, the intrepid farmer-in-process at Old 99. I send out a message every week, but most are set with a delete date about two weeks later. I archive some of the posts if they have content other than weekly availability of produce and meat.

You can send me questions too, which if they are of a general nature, I can post to this Old99 blog.

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Old 99 Farm, week of July 28 2013

The hot season crops in the greenhouse are just starting, eggplant being the first with tomatoes and peppers to follow.
It’s been a good couple of weeks with my visiting farmstay helpers David M, Theo H, Celine T. and now Simone B. Building tree cribs, bringing in the wheat straw, gardening and caring for the animals have kept us busy. We enjoy prepping meals together and of course I try to get them thinking about climate upset, energy post-carbon, and debt based money economics.
Fully committed for beef for the fall, but have roasting chickens and lamb available for advance orders.

Healthy eating,
Rediscover your kitchen, eat local, eat in season, eat organic if you can. (Joel Salatin)

Old 99 Farm. Week of July 21 2013

Quick note to remind, tomorrow is market day at Old 99. Lots of new produce this week from Camelia’s garden.

Think O’99 when you think HONEY. Fresh crop now in. Bulk (bring your own jar) or put up in 1 L mason jars.

Order at

Healthy eating,

Old 99 Farm Week of July 14 2013

plenty hot this week eh!

I will be getting fruit from Palatine Fruit and Roses again this year. Current tree ripe fruit is Sweet Red Cherries – Half box(es) 10 lbs $ 26.00
Sweet Red Cherries – Full box(es) – 20 lbs $ 50.00
Apricots – Half box(es) 12-13 lbs $ 26.00
Apricots – Full box(es) – 25 lbs $ 50.00
Early Golden Plums – Half box(es) 12-13 lbs $ 23.00
Early Golden Plums – Full box(es) – 25 lbs $ 45.00
These are the delivered prices, I will add $5 per order to make up for the time I spend on it. If you order this week by wednesday noon, I will have fruit this friday in the cooler. You can pick up on the weekend or next thurs.

Our garden is lush with vegetables, especially kales, green onions, chard and beet tops. check the listing.

Raspberries are in full season. Upick and readypick. See listing.

healthy eating,
and Theo, Celine, David and Camelia/Celine.

Old 99 Farm, week of July 7th 2013

reminder order by Tues pm to ensure I get the produce picked. place order at

The current visitors, Theo, Celine and David are working out famously, quite comfortable in the role of helper-farmers. David has learned the milking routine already and I can rely on him to get it done without me.

We’re working on the woody plant propagation greenhouse,“Hobbit House” so I can start this fall.

Have an infestation of Swede Midge in the broccoli, kale, cabbages. could be serious, not yet clear how to control. the small fly lays eggs and the larvae eat the growing tip of the plants.

Healthy eating,

Special on Rhubarb

A local friend has 40 lb of luscious rhubarb here, long stalks, tender and juicy.
Price is $2/500 gm instead of usual $3. Organic rhubarb goes for $3.50 usually.
Stock up for pies, stew and my own invention “rhubade” made with the juices after steaming. Add sugar, honey or maple syrup for a delightful alternative to lemonade.


Old 99 Farm, Week of July 1st 2013

Place your order at

We are hosting a delightful young couple from Lyons France for the month of July. If you would like to invite Celine and Theo to come for a meal or take to a local event, please call the farm. Theo is a graduate of osteopathy in France, a 5 year program and Celine is a grad in public events planning. Both have travelled widely and their english is functional.

As of July 1st, I can offer the following crops: rhubarb, arugula, snap peas, chives, new crops of kale (Nero, Darkibor, Redbor), radish, beet greens, mesclun salad mix, green onions, green garlic, sorrel, lovage, as well as potted comfrey (a medicinal and garden nutrient

Old 99 Farm Week of June 23 2013

Had a wonderful Strawberry Solstice on Sunday. Thank you people who RSVP’d and came. We shared recipes, food stories and watched the babies and youngsters. One lad even learned to milk a cow with me!

Kale afficionados unite! this crop will be with us all summer, now three varieties.

The hold is dug for the foundations of the new woodshed, likely pour concrete next week, have a new building in 6.

healthy eating

Old 99 Farm Week of June 16 2013

No more chard from the greenhouse, but I have my first outdoor crop of Nero kale, dark green leaves, mild flavour.

Still looking for orders for roasting chickens for fall delivery. I have not ordered my day old chicks yet. Deposit $5/bird, minimum 5 birds.

Farm family day this sunday, I call it the Old 99 Strawberry Solstice. Modest number of RSVPs so far, will always be a go, large numbers not the goal. If your family name starts with A to L, bring 2 L strawberries. Families bring a potluck item for 4 people, chairs and place setting for eating from.

Healthy Eating,

Old 99 Farm Haying Help Request Tues/wed

I’m making hay this week, small square bales that I’d love some help with. I need a few hands to load the wagon in the field and take the bales off at the barn. Probably two days total work, like maybe 10 hours. If you are interested, pls call at 905 537 0163 and I’ll confirm the actual days, likely Tues Wed. Weather report predicts light rain today monday but none so far.

Old 99 Farm Week of June 10 2013

Written wednesday 6am. sunny and warm, sun comes up at 5:39am this day, heading for the solstice, longest day June 21. for orders.
I headed all the chard, so fresh leaves coming in. New crop of Nero kale can be harvested. It’s the dark green rumpled leaf variety some call Dinosaur Kale.

Just so it doesn’t go off your radar, "just last week, some of the country’s top climatologists wrote in the Washington Post about global warming:

Legions of studies support the view that, left unabated, this warming will produce dangerous effects…." Read the rest at

Old 99 Strawberry Solstice is coming up a week this sunday. hope you are planning to come for afternoon picnic potluck and strawberry pigout. I supply the cream, folks bring a quart of berries. Pls RSVP.

Healthy eating,