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This page contains news, event information, and other items added by myself, the intrepid farmer-in-process at Old 99. I send out a message every week, but most are set with a delete date about two weeks later. I archive some of the posts if they have content other than weekly availability of produce and meat.

You can send me questions too, which if they are of a general nature, I can post to this Old99 blog.

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Old 99 Farm, week of Sept 10 2018

We’ve got lots to offer, 89 items to be exact. And so come on out at least once this summer for just-picked produce. Today I am adding baby chard to the list; we had a great crop of perpetual Green Chard, more flavourful than the coloured chards, in the greenhouse. It went to seed before we removed it, and now have several beds full of young chard, suitable for salads or steaming as a side dish, putting smoothies, soups etc.

Also now ready are new crop carrots, beets and lettuce, to add to the cantaloupe, squash, tomatoes (including Beefsteak), garlic, cilantro, parsley, watermelon, chives, Russet potatoes, onions, kale, spinach and arugula.

In the fruits department: apples, blackberries, pears, asian pears, and as mentioned melons and tomatoes.

Meats are still available in good selection. If you want roasting chickens for next winter, please give me your order and deposit of $5 per bird. I have beef, pork, lamb and goose in the freezer.

Here’s a curious quote to put the urgent climate disruption issue into perspective: “If you were going to weaponize an issue to take advantage of the weak points in the American political system—to highlight all the blind spots, dysfunctions, and irrationalities—you would create climate change,” Ezra Klein wrote last year. “And then you would stand back and watch the world burn.”

For a even-handed treatment of the trends, risks and consequences, see the UK site, Envisonation, which includes an action plant that concludes, “The work required to enact the above will require huge resources to be employed, it will be the biggest economic generator ever and because the result is a secure and stable future, confidence will soar, as efficiency not growth becomes the deciding factor.”

“Too hard to do you say?”

So now who is the prophet of doom?

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