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Eggs Eggs and Eggs

The new laying flock has finally hit its stride and laying rate is about 70%, likely to go as high at 90%. Which means 100 birds will lay 70 eggs every day!

Which means I have lots of eggs. I really need you to find friends and neighbours to buy eggs this winter.

By the way, eggs are not the bad guy we have been led to believe re cholesterol. You can’t increase your colesterol levels by eating eggs!

So I have a deal for you, if you promise to keep eating your regular amount of eggs, or more.

We’ll offer three dozen for the price of two. That means you can give one dozen away to a friend or needy person with ease. Large size is $5/doz, XL is $6.75 and Jumbo is $7.50.

These are organic eggs, from organic layers fed organic grains from a local organic farm. It doesn’t get any better than this!