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This site serves the customers at Old 99 Farm.
Camelia and I have a smallish ‘cottage farm’ with livestock, (heritage Lynch Lineback dual purpose cattle, layer and meat chickens and pigs), four season vegetables and fruit. The orchard is in production with apples, peaches, pears, various exotics, and berries – currants,raspberries, blackberries, aronia and haskap. We grow a wide variety vegetables, both in the greenhouses year-round and in the outdoor plots.
I’ve developed the farm since 2007 to be a permaculture demonstration site, which is to say, in a way that generates fertility of soil and enhances biodiversity, while producing a harvest. We hold workshops, tours and training events in permaculture, Climate emergency awareness, lifestyle downshifting, and related topics.
In 2020, Nick LaMarsh became the resident market gardener in training, with his own plans and new ideas, such as utilizing traditional Korean Natural Farming techniques to build biological activity in the soil, resulting in lower pest and disease risk and tastier more nutritious food.
Come by for a visit some time.

Eat local, eat hearty!
Ian Graham

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