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Week of April 19 2020

The farm market is running as everything begins to ramp up with the warmth of Spring.  The items in the way of greens now include rhubarb, baby mixed greens, arugula, collards and Red Russian kale. As always, we have plenty of beef and stewing chickens in the freezer. Rabbit stock is building and I expect a full stock will be near the end of summer but I will have rabbits available in limited quantity up until then.  The chickens are starting to lay more and more eggs every day as they settle in and become more like chickens. The egg mobile has been refurbished and us ready to be filled with chickens to go on pasture. We have meat birds coming later in the week that will be raised on separate pasture and expected to be ready by mid-Summer.  These are perfect for roasting in the oven, putting in the smoker or for some old fashioned fried chicken.

A notice for ordering: ALL orders must be submitted BEFORE midnight on Wednesday. Any order placed after that time will not be filled. Thank you for your cooperation.

Pick up times will be Thursdays and Fridays 3PM – 6PM. Special arrangements can be made for pick up on other days if needed; please email or call/text Nick LaMarsh.
Phone: 519-755-0577

We look forward to serving you and wish you a great week ahead.

Be well,
Nick and Angela