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This page contains news, event information, and other items added by myself, the intrepid farmer-in-process at Old 99. I send out a message every week, but most are set with a delete date about two weeks later. I archive some of the posts if they have content other than weekly availability of produce and meat.

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Week of May 10 2020

Hello! We’re quite busy here at the farm as we swing into gear this season. Rhubarb is nice and full and bursting with flavour.

A bee note: I have been seeing honey bees regularly since last week and a few the week before so remember to leave the dandelion flowers be. The flowers are one of the first sources of food for them as they emerge from their hives.

We expect to have pork in the freezer by the end of the month in perfect timing for BBQ and smoker season. Beef and stewing hens are also available.
Don’t forget to order your eggs when placing your order for veggies. And please bring your egg cartons in, and collect from your neighbours! We’re right out.
Veggies available this week: green chard, red kale, stir fry blend greens, health kick salad greens, rhubarb, claytonia baby greens, shuidong mustard.

Order cut off is Wednesday at 12 midnight.
Orders placed after this time will not be filled.
Pick up times are 3 PM to 6PM Thursday and Friday.
Thank you for your cooperation and continued support!
We look forward to seeing you!

Be well,
Nick and Angela