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Food Forest: designing your garden. Tomorrow

Households starting to think about lifestyle changes due to climate disruption often start with a garden. What better place than in your front yard. That’s a great idea and I agree wholeheartedly.
So if the shoe fits, try it on!
Saturday morning (tomorrow) my colleagues and I at Community Permaculture Lab are putting on a ‘charette’ conversation about converting a front yard to a food garden and natural habitat.
Join the zoom call at 10am and listen, ask questions, make suggestions. No charge.

Zoom login is here

Edible Forest Garden Design Charette Feb 6, 10am to noon

Presentations of two urban site designs by CPL members on Tweedsmuir Ave and Ogilvie Ave in Dundas. All welcome. Home food production is one of the easiest ways to start thinking about retrofitting your lifestyle for the post-carbon future. And it’s fun and feels so good to ‘eat fresh from the garden’.

A ‘charette’ is a way of open-sourcing ideas about a given subject, often used by architects and designers. We invite people curious about permaculture’s way of creating sustainable futures for all sorts of households.

You could even join our design teams on these two sites learning how to do permaculture design for edible landscapes, so-called Forest Gardens. We hope the sites will show what CPL is doing, and contributing to Action 13, the new climate group in Dundas/Flamborough. Come on the call with us, listen, ask questions, make suggestions.

We think the future can be a better place focused on more fun but less stuff, more effort but less energy. Life as we know it hangs in the balance. We can imagine a way forward. Can you?

Permaculture is a worldview, a movement and a skill set for living well, within the Earth’s means. Care for the Earth, Care for people and Sharing earth’s fertility fairly is the core. Principles that capture the essence of healthy ecosystem function guide our designs.

We can learn to recognize the symbiotic ways Nature creates abundance and balance. We can study, plan and prepare the built space, the biological elements and the behavioural changes that will yield benefits for humans and creatures alike.

In our gardens and yards we can learn to cooperate with Nature and heal the damage that is climate disruption.

Community Permaculture Lab

We’re based in Westdale/Dundas and are willing to come to your neighbourhood to discuss getting a Lab started near you!

Our stated intent is to build resilience in our communities, in order to live well under the influence of climate disruption, through growing connections, knowledge and practice of permaculture. This small group of local citizens started in 2017 to learn about permaculture and in the process, create an example of social change for ecological renewal.
If you would like to participate and learn more, click here to get more information

Link for access to the webinar charette tomorrow