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Week of 1 March 2021

Good day local farm supporters!
March is here and that means spring is right around the corner and another growing season is on our doorstep.
This week we have green kale and swiss chard along with a delicious slag-free spinach that is a specialty with chefs. Also available is collard greens, beet tops, carrots, parsley, eggs, beef, pork and chicken and much more. Coming to mind today as I write this I am thinking of beef bone broth made into a delicious barley soup with carrots and beet tops topped with some fresh chopped parsley. That’s a hearty meal to come home to!
We will have two beeves going in for processing next week so we will be stocked up on all your favourite cuts. We have some really nice pork roasts available that are perfect for a family dinner.
Check out the market for availability of select cuts of meat and featured items like our mild or spicy pork sausages and pork roast!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the farm again this week. Thank you to all who continue to order and support local organic growers!

Be well,

Nick & Angela
Ian & Cami