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Week of 14 March 2021

Hello again everyone! We hope that you’re able to enjoy the nice sunny days we’ve having in the Hamilton and Dundas Valley area. Early spring crops are coming along well in the greenhouses, seeds are sprouting in the flats and the planning of outdoor gardens is well under way.
We have select cuts of beef and pork ready to go. A slow cooked pork roast in the BBQ or slow cooker is always a hit for Sunday dinners, or nicely grilled steak or pork chops.
A selection of our delicious greens are available this week, including spinach, green kale, Swiss chard, collards greens and a few more! Check out the product list to place your order.

Please remember to place your order before 7AM Thursday.
Orders placed after this time may not be processed.
Market times are 4pm to 6pm Thursday and Friday.

We look forward to seeing everyone again this week!

Be well,
Nick & Angela
Ian & Cami