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World-scale Event Happening now this week

Someone in my network put me onto the Soil Regen Summit a few weeks ago. I looked at the scheduled speakers, said, hmmm looks pretty good, top rated speakers and I recognized some of them from my own prior study.
But today is kick off day and I’ve watched a couple sessions. Wow. So good. I am so grateful someone thought to send it out to me.
Apparently thousands worldwide are tuning in for this bonanza of best practice information about how and why to care for the land and the food it provides.

I want my whole network world to check it out.
It will raise your spirits about climate crisis.
It will make you want to be healthier.
It will motivate you to care about issues that may not seem very related.
It will help you see the world as one system, one that humans have unavoidable role to play in.
It will spark your awareness of how all the disconnects (social, racial, ecological, economic) have common cause.
It will help you appreciate and love nature and its miracles.
It may even help you appreciate farming in its proper context.

The link is
The free conference started today at 9am, I’d recommend you catch Vandana Shiva if there is only one 50 minute session you can make. Sessions are live and archived so can be watched online for month.
Others I have high hopes for are Dan Kittredge on food nutritional value, Walter Jehne on how green plants everywhere will quickly cool bioregions suffering heatwaves, John D Liu on volunteer camps starting up now by the dozens to regenerate large landscapes and Graham Bell on permaculture inspired lifestyles.

Please give it a shot go here. You won’t be disapppointed. Now I have to get back to the current session.

Send me a note to this blog on what you liked, discovered, and got inspired by.

Keep well,
Ian and Cami