Old 99 raised beef, pork and chicken now in the freezer. We have have two beeves back from butcher as of 30 March. All meat is raised here on pasture: pork, beef and chicken.

We have a large garden to supply an assortment of organic vegetables, mostly fresh with a few winter storage selections. Our orchard is producing apples, peaches, raspberries, blackberries, aronia berries, mulberries, asian and european pears, currants and juice grapes.

Reminder: I sharpen your chef’s knives with proper equipment so you can really enjoy them.

I carry pork, beef and chicken (roasting and stewing). Check availability below.

LG $6.00 per doz
XL $7.00
Jumbo $7.50
(Thank you to all bringing in egg cartons. Please keep saving them.)

1. Produce units available are same as price unit. eg 500 gram, each.
2. Quantity available is almost always estimated. Feel free to order it, I can fill in most cases. If I cannot I will contact you and offer something else in its place.
3. If you order and don’t pick up, I trust you will pay.

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Currants, Black, Frozen
Grower: Old 99 Farm
Price: $7.00 ( 500g )
Available (Estimated): 2

Currants gave us a good crop this year. Usually made into conserves, syrups (sold in stores as Ribena) and cordials, ... more